Monday, September 7

How time has flown

Wow. Somewhere in all the rush and swing of the weekend (or was it the lack thereof?), I completely missed the fact that I have now surpassed the one hundred post mark. For what it's worth, the one hundredth post was my participation in Mommatudes's Saturday Word Wall. Definitely 100th post-worthy. Mommatudes is also a fantastic blog well worth checking out.

I joined Blogger back in December of 2007, according to my Blogger profile. Which is really rather crazy, because I have no clue why I did. I can barely remember what was going on at the time. But when I think about what was going on in my life, I start to remember.

Back then, Breanne was just four months old. Anaya was still two. I was still staying at home, frustrated and struggling terribly with Post-Partum Depression. My mother had just visited in October and somehow we'd made it through that visit without me telling her I was on Zoloft to combat the depression. Part of me still wonders if she knew and if she noticed a difference.

I think at that point in time, I was merely looking for an outlet. And even then, I was concerned about exposing myself to the great, wide, interwebs, especially in regards to such a sensitive subject matter as PPD.

Since then, this blog has gone through a series of incarnations and reincarnations as I've written. I've dropped off the blog-world for awhile, I've come back with no intentions of gaining a readership. And yet somehow, through it all, I've managed to build up a following of 26 readers - at least that's what Blogger tells me - since I started blogging regularly near the end of last year. I find that to be quite the achievement, and I'm so grateful for everyone who found my blog worthwhile enough to follow. It really means a lot to me.

I've finally got the blog set up the way I would like. Jess made me an amazing badge. And I'm committed to blogging more regularly, as well as checking in with blogs I follow more regularly. I excited to build up my presence in the blogosphere; even more so because of all the wonderful people I've found.

So once you're done here, please check out the people who follow me, and please check out the blogs I'm following. There's so many awesome blogs to be found. And thank you, so much, for reading.

*The photo is of a cookie my sister-in-law decorated for me while we were at Michael's during our trip to South Dakota this year. I love my Dustie.


  1. Happy 100th and beyond! Dropped by from SITS...scrumptious lookin' cake! Mmmmmm.

  2. I read your excellent comments on both my blog an N.E.O Moms; thank you! x