Friday, August 21

Shiny new toy and an experiment.

So yesterday was a pretty darn exciting day in our household. We'd gotten sick of Alltel and their heinous ways - who wants to pay $130 a month for a basic plan with internet on only one phone of the two on the plan and you still get charged extra for even using the internet? After having gone in to the store out in town and being told the same thing, "No, you cannot upgrade your plan, and no, we will not replace the crappy phone we gave you that we know is crappy with an updated model." We got sick of being mistreated and decided to go with another company all together.

Read: I nagged MarvMan shamelessly til he caved.

We decided to go with Verizon and - joy, of all joys - MarvMan agreed to smartphones! But not just any smartphones folks. BlackBerries. BlackBerry Storms.*

*Yes, I'm a member of the Almighty Cult of Apple. But I haven't heard good things about AT&T, and much as I might want an iPhone, I can't be trapped with a crappy company just for the sake of Apple. I'm still a loyal customer for everything else, though. Promise. (secret Apple sign of peace here)

I have been so insanely happy with this phone so far. I think I'm in love. And, of course, I got the pink silicone case for it. And while I can't get a decent photo of the screen itself, I can tell you that I got my theme from, which has proven to be an awesome site so far!

Really, there should perhaps be a law against being in love with your phone. But until then, I'm going to pose a couple questions for everyone:

What are your favorite mobile apps?
Best app for Twitter?
Games I will probably not want to stop playing?

I mean, if I can't stop playing on it in the first place, I might as well find some games to occupy my time as well!

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  1. (secret Apple sign of peace here)

    I love you more than words can say, for that right there. :D I laughed out loud.

    Yay for the new phone! I'm glad your loving it, now if only Apple would friggin unlock to Verzion ...