Friday, July 10

That was a crazy week

And I'm so thankful to have made it through. *wiping sweat off brow*

I could use one of these about now...

We moved the girls from separate rooms into one room. Getting a 2 year old and a 4 year old to settle down and go to sleep is no easy task, let me tell you. Even putting them to bed separately doesn't quite work out all that well.

There were a few reasons behind this: 1- they were refusing to keep their rooms clean separately, 2- I needed a place of solitude where I could hole up and actually get some work done. So, really, it was mutually beneficial. Just try to tell them that when we're in there for the fourth time, trying not to lose our temper and telling them, "No, really, it's bedtime. Quiet time. Shh."

And then there was balance therapy. It's been going well. It's at a slow pace, which can be frustrating for my impatient self, but I need to learn to take a deep breath and slow down. Diving headlong onto the hard stuff is probably not the brightest of ideas. That, and rehabilitating something I've been having problems with for years is obviously going to take a little longer than a couple weeks' worth of exercises. I mean, we're talking about retraining my entire vestibular balance system and re-coordinating that with the rest of my balance systems. It's not exactly like making a pb&j sandwich.

On top of all that, we'd decided that this weird lump that had been growing on Wash's leg had been hanging around long enough and he needed to be seen. On top of that, he needed his rabies shots, so it worked into his yearly check up anyway. They didn't have the ability at this vet to test it in the clinic, but regardless of what it is, Washburn is going under the knife to get this lump removed. They don't think it's anything malignant or serious, but still... my poor baby's going under the knife! *whine*

I almost missed what I thought was my PT appointment on Thursday because the back passenger tire on my F150 was going flat, and MarvMan's command had been switching his schedule so much, he hadn't gotten to it. Thank my lucky stars, when I called The PT clinic to reschedule, they told me my appointment wasn't Thursday, silly duck, it was Friday.

And somehow the week pulled out of the gutter. The girls slept peacefully last night. They slept in a little this morning. Oi, sleeping in is blissful. They were pleasant this morning, despite a few sketchy moments here and there. Wash had his appointment and I'm ultimately feeling better about that situation. I got MarvMan an early birthday present, and he loves it. Then we all went to my balance therapy session - which went well, thank goodness - and then out to dinner. As a family. Just us.

MarvMan's early b-day prezzie. Taurus .38 Special

Came home, put the kids to bed, MarvMan's off hunting, and I've got quiet time to relax and be up this late with no worries. Except for some school work. But I know I've got it down and can bang it out tomorrow. Tonight is a night to breathe.

There is always something to be grateful for. Even if you have to look a little harder.

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