Thursday, June 25

Threadcakes Thursday

Funkalicious piping photo.

Hoooo boy, y'all. I'm getting nervous. Finished my first cake for the Threadcakes competition. My friends on Facebook have gotten a sneak peek at the photos, which I'll gladly share here once I've gotten the chance to submit them to the site as my first entry.

But I have to be honest. I'm getting jittery. I've been following the updates on Twitter, and professionals are allowed to enter. Now, I'm not faulting anyone whatsoever. I'm still (mostly) all about the competition and am dying to get my hands on the prizes. (Hopefully.) It's just... c'mon, they're professionals. What do they need with baking pans and flour and chocolate? They've already got that stuff!

Me? I had to borrow cake pans from my neighbor (who is an amazing woman) so I could make this first cake because my others had busted awhile back and I forgot. My piping tips are at least two years old and some have been mangled by the garbage disposal. I've had to make this cake (and my future entries) in my home kitchen, where I'm battling a 4 year old who wants to get her hands in everything and an almost-2 year old who likes to scale my counters and stick her fingers in everything. Did I mention the Rottweiler who can easily raise up onto the counter and will eat anything? These people have kitchens they are able to cook in that don't have intruders. They probably have sous chefs. And the biggest thing they've got that I don't?

I'm self-taught. From a gingerbread decorating book.

But you know what? The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing I've got something they don't, too. I've got a damn amazing support group of friends who are behind me 200% and truly believe I've got a shot at this. And hell, even if I lose, they still love me, and I (and some of them) still get cake. What? They're scattered about the country, and already assembled cake doesn't ship well. If you don't believe me, you've hardly ever watched the Food Network.

I've got my fingers crossed. My nerves are high, but I've put the effort in already, so there's really no turning back. But it's all good. I got skillz.

And fantastic delusions of grandeur.


  1. Good luck! I am excited to see the pix!
    Welcome to SITS! We are excited to have you.

  2. Sounds exciting!

    Stopping by to Welcome you to SITS!

  3. I hope you win! Glad your going ahead and entering.

    I am hoping by to welcome you to SITS! I know your going to love being a part of our SITStahood!

  4. Coming by from SITS with a big HELLO & Welcome!