Thursday, June 18

More motivation!

I posted yesterday about joining along with weight loss over at Mommatudes, and today I've found even more inspiration and motivation to get fit.

No, that's not me, but I wish it was! And it will be, soon! That gorgeous woman in the photo is Leah, creator of BookieBoo, a fitness hangout for moms! She's lost 100 pounds, and she's done it for her family.

I don’t do the exercise for me, I do it for my family. I’m a better mom and person when I’ve worked out. I’m more patient, loving, and of course have more energy. The days I haven’t exercised are like mornings without coffee…I’m an absolute shrew. I do it for them, and that is my motivation.

People say you should exercise for yourself and put yourself first, but I don’t believe that. I think some things are greater than you are…like your family. And they deserve it.
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I can totally identify. On workout days, I'm in such a better mood. It's only Day 3 of my own personal journey (you know, this time with feeling and commitment) and I can tell the difference, MarvMan and the girls can tell the difference. I'm getting myself in shape and my family is benefiting the most.

But creating Bookieboo isn't all Leah's done. Now she's launching MomActive radio, hosted by Leah herself and Fiona Bryant of The Bantering Blonde.

Tonight is a special night for MomActive, because there's going to be a Twitter launch party from 5-8 pm PST! Just go on over to TweetGrid and use the hashtag #bookieb and you'll be joining in the party! Tons of prizes and lots of great moms!

I'll be there - will you?

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