Tuesday, May 12

Update, update, update

Phew. Things have been insanely crazy around here, I'll tell you that much. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of it that I can share. Many of the issues are deeply personal and revolve around my little family unit.

Suffice to say, the military doesn't make marriage very easy, but we're working through it. I've missed rambling and rattling off to / at you all, and I hope to pick it up on a regular basis again soon.

In other news, I fried the hard drive on my Mini last week and the amazing people at Apple fixed her up for me right quick, but I lost everything that was on the hard drive. I'm taking this as a chance to sort of clear the slate and start over fresh, so over the course of the next few weeks, everything will be getting an overhaul. So strap on the seatbelts, ladies, we're going for ride.

In the meantime, you can hit me up on Twitter: @linlori

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