Friday, November 21

Updates and Gratuitous Love

I'm starting to think that perhaps I need to streamline the blogs I have. I have quite a few scattered here and there. Blogger is, by far, my absolute favorite out of all available hosts. It's super easy to use, I can easily manage multiple blogs (such as the Miracle Diapers News Blog), and I like that it doesn't require any calculus education to design and post.

That said, I'm still sentimental about parting with my other blogs. Ah, LiveJournal. You served me well. Until all the communities went to hell in a hand basket. I'm sure there are plenty of communities on there that are worthwhile, but anymore it's a place for people to hide behind keyboards and monitors in unoriginal snark communities. The negativity rather than humor behind the snark gets boring and leaves one feeling pretty jaded and cynical. If I wanted to feel like that I'd go on down to my nearest beatnik coffee shop. The emo craze is still going strong out here in the sticks of Nevada.

MySp@ce has become so overloaded with advertisements and your "friend" Tom trying to shove his own musical tastes, movie preferences and other assorted likes/dislikes down your throat, it's gag inducing. Especially for those of us who don't necessarily like mainstream pop / hip-hop. That said, it's still a semi-decent place to network if you've got the time to scour through profiles. But it also has reconnected me with old highschool friends (did I really want to do that, anyway?) and find some very awesome indie groups.

And yes, that was a lead in to my next subject. My obsession of the moment. And, really, everyone should check them out. The Reign of Kindo. I'm actually quite in love with all the artists signed to One Eleven Records, but they're my favorite at the moment. Okay, Kindo and Spill Canvas. I digress, though, because I really want to tell you about The Reign of Kindo.

They're this amazing fusion of jazz and blues and just... mind blowingly well written lyrics sung so smoothly it's like meditating without having to actually do anything, if that even makes the smallest amount of sense. I have had their album (downloaded off iTunes) for a few weeks now - I really have no ability to grasp the concept of time, bear with me - and it's been in heavy rotation ever since. Which is important. Why? Let me tell you.

I have a ridiculously short attention span. My iTunes is almost constantly on shuffle, except when listening to Brandi Carlile. So for The Reign of Kindo to have been in heavy rotation - meaning I will listen to the album straight through and then go back and do it again - really means something here.

And since I've rambled on and on - most likely in an incoherent fashion - about this group that I now love so very much, I leave you with proof in regards to their utter and complete awesomeness. It's my current favorite track from "Rhythm, Chord & Melody".

Something In the Way That You Are (live)

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