Wednesday, October 22

The Great Living Room Escapade

Okay, after searching, frustrated, for approximately 30 minutes, I can't find the before pictures of the living room that I'd taken shortly after we moved in. (Fine, I'll be honest, it was more like five minutes. My attention span has been shot lately.) However, I do have the after pictures. This is what I have been up to that's prevented me from blogging:

Okay, first of all, ignore the clothes on the sofa. I've been attacking the laundry monster. It's winning so far, but I vow to be victorious. Initially, the sofa was in the middle of the living room and the entertainment center was where the desk is now. Follow?

The entryway into the kitchen looks a little cramped. Mostly due to the basket of cloth diapers under the bar, Breanne's highchair. Oh, and our dog. Who's now the size of a small mule.

And this is what I had to do with our "dining area", since we don't technically have one. Which sucks. But I think the space has been utilized to its fullest potential at this point. There's actual space for the kidlets to play, which at this point is the most important part.

So that's why I haven't been blogging. Because I've been rearranging. I pretty much flip-flopped everything around. In the last picture, the hutch with all the toys on it used to be where the dining table is, and the dining table used to be where the couch is. It was all sorts of cramped and crowded in here. But it's soooo much better. I can finally breathe!

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